C-Air Global Inc "Answers to your requirements"

About Us

C-Air Global Inc. is a global logistics provider handling all of your transportation and logistics requirements. Our personnel have extensive industry experience and are well qualified to deliver answers and solutions. We provide our customers with cost effective solutions related their specific industry requirements. C-Air Global Inc. attempts to anticipate the needs of our customers and to produce efficient and economical answers based on their unique requirements.

C-Air Global Inc. has created exceptional logistics results involving all facets of international shipping, customs clearance, distribution and trucking for these and other industries:

  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Furniture – contract, retail and residential
  • Hardware and all accessories
  • Fashion and Footwear
  • Food dry and temperature controlled
  • Building Materials


C-Air Global Inc is committed to continue to develop and provide new services to their customers. Our objective is to become their preferred supplier across all facets of the logistics chain.

Strong representation in:

> Europe
> China